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July is heating up

Covid has slowed down the progress of live performers. But July is coming, and festivals are up and running again! Rich n Beka will be performing July 2nd Festival in Lillooet, July 4th Festival in Boston Bar, July 9th Festival in Cache Creek, July 29th in Williams Lake for TNG. Other than those dates, these artists free for hire. They offer several different workshops as well, so book them while they're not busy.

Offered Services

  • Women's Wellness and Empowerment

  • Men's Wellness and Empowerment

  • Preserving Indigenous Language (working with fluent speakers to create a skit to better understand basic sentences)

  • Culture and Heritage (Show off the beauty of your country to add to your website)

  • Music Program (Beatmaking, songwriting, and music videos)

  • Promoting Indigenous Owned Businesses. (custom background music, promotional video, radio ad.)

  • DJ for events

  • Live Performances

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